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The Seal Water Meter is designed for applications where uninterrupted seal water flow is required.

Seal Water Meter




- Single and double mechanical seals
- Gland packing
- Flushing water
- Purging


- Pressurizing valve for double mechanical seals
- Flow alarm
- Mounting stand, hoses, hose connectors, check valve, etc...

Stop pouring money down the drain

Reduce water consumption and increase life of seal
  • Inductive Alarm- (optional) to warn of low flow rates. Alarm is not activated when flow tube is cleaned.
  • Target Flow Rate Setting- set red marker to show desired flow rate. Adjust the actual flow to match this target. When inspecting the meter, compare the target setting to the actual flow. Flow rates above the target indicate leakage, flow rates below the target rate indicate seal plugging.
  • Flow Tube Cleaning Button- cleans interior of flow tube without disrupting meter flow.
  • Pressure Control Valve- (optional) controls seal system pressure.
  • Pressure Gauge- shows seal system pressure. Target pressure indicator on the gauge shows optimum pressure. Pressure above target indicates seal plugging. Lower pressure indicates seal leakage.
  • Flow Rate Indicator- the position of the white ring shows the actual flow rate.
  • Flow Tube Cleaning Ring- this ring moves to clean the interior of the tube.
  • Flow Tube Cleaning Button- cleans interior of flow tube without disrupting meter flow.
  • Flow Control Valve- Adjusting this valve changes the flow and the position of the flow rate indicator.
  • Mounting Stand- the stand or a mounting bracket are standard equipment.
  • The sealing liquid monitor can also be easily equipped with an alarm output by utilizing and inductive proximity sensor.

Your most likely going to need a seal pot.
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