Balanced Seals

When speaking of "Balance" in reference to mechanical seals, we are not talking about Mechanical or Rotational Balance. Instead, we are referring to Hydraulic Balance. To Hydraulically a seal a step is generally placed in the seal allowing a wider seal face. Some seals are "in-line" balanced which means the step is designed into the seal design. Due to space restrictions inside a stuffing box, in-line balanced seals cannot quite accomplish what a true balnced seal can, but, in-line seals are an improvement in the pressure capability of the seal.

Mechanical Seal Repair


Why Balanced Seals?

Since mechanical seals are subject to stuffing box pressure, this pressure is utilized to achieve and maintain seal face closure in a non-balanced seal.
•If stuffing box pressure is very high, typically over 100psi., then the closing force may be too great to allow the "Boundary Layer Liquid" that lubricates the faces to be sufficient and the faces will wear prematurely.
•A balanced seal compensates for higher pressures by locating the seal faces such that stuffing box pressure has less effect on face closure.

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