Split Seals for Pump

Some types of machinery are cumbersome to maintain. Large shafts, heavy components, and immovable drivers are some of these concerns. One of the best uses of Split mechanical seals are in large Vertical Pumps. Why remove the pumps motor with a crane when you can slide a split seal in place, saving time and plant resourses.

Split SealsSplit Seals


Split Seals

Overview About Split Seal

Often, a typical mechanical seal is impractical to use by the nature of it's installation requirements. lIn these cases it is frequently beneficial to use a Split Seal.

Why Split Seals ?

In a Split Seal, all components are literally cut or split in half and they are assembled onto pump without removal of the Motor or bearings. Split seals are a problem solver. Using Split seals on large mixers and agitators greatly reduces the cost of mechanical seal replacement. Less Labor, lost production and downtime are significant reasons to use them.

Split Seals are often used on mixers, agitators and large volume, large shafted pumps.

Split seals have the advantage of being able to swap them in and out of service without removing a motor or in the case of a split case pump, requiring the split case be divided, the gasket removed and reassembled. They save a lot of work and a lot of money (even though they are more expensive than traditional cartridge seals).

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