Mechanical Seal Training

We now offer on site training in both public and private locations for mechanical seals and pumps. To combat the growing labor shortage and continual turnover in the maintenance industry, American Seal and Packing Co now offers training in industrial pumps. Our resident pump expert Larry Bachus, is the world's foremost authority on pumps and pumping systems. You read his articles every month in technical magazines. Many of you have already read his best selling book on pumps.

Mechanical Seal Repair


Can the Mechanical Seal be rebuilt?

In Larry's own words, "A few industrial pumps where you work will run for years with minimal care and attention. But too many industrial pumps are maintenance headaches, and eat-away the daily maintenance budget with their continual, habitual seal and bearing failures.

Is it possible to get good seal life in a pump and mechanical seals that runs for many years with minimal attention? Yes.

When did you last repair or change the radiator water pump on your car?

When did the mechanical seal last fail on the radiator water pump of your car?

When did you last change the bearings on the radiator water pump of your car?

When did you last change or rebuild the compressor on your refrigerator in the kitchen?

When did the mechanical seal or bearings last fail on the fridge compressor?

When did you last add a charge of freon to the refrigerator?

The fridge compressor is a type of pump. A compressor is a pump that is adapted to handle air or gas. These pumps (the fridge compressor and the radiator water pump) will run for 18 or 22-years without maintenance or mysterious failures.

Is the mechanical seal on the car's water pump a better seal than the mechanical seal on a cooling tower recirculation water pump at work? No.

Are the shaft bearings and lube on the car's water pump better quality than the shaft bearings on a condensate pump at work? No.

Are the bearings, or lubricant on the refrigerator compressor better quality than the bearings or grease on a boiler feed water pump at work? No.

Are the gaskets better? No.

Are the rotating components better balanced or better machined? No.

Is the coupling to the driver (motor) better quality or better balanced? No.

These pumps don't fail every 6 months. They are not problematic pumps. Why does the radiator water pump run for years without leaking or failing? How does the fridge compressor run for 20 or 25 years without bearing failure or leaking gas?

In simple terms, these pumps (on your car and fridge) run for years without problems because they are better mated to the system (the pipes, elbows, fittings and instrumentation) they perform in. Is this rocket science? No.

Maintenance people like my course because I teach pumps from a Maintenance point-of-view. Most pump courses teach how to design the Perfect Pump. The course is delivered to the students as though they were going to return to their jobs, sit down, and design a new perfect pump for some new perfect application.

The fact is: Most process and maintenance people never have to design a perfect pump. They are charged with maintaining and operating the pumps they already have in their power plants and process facilities. They don't need a pump course taught from a "Design" perspective. They need a pump course taught from a "Reliability" (maintenance & operation) perspective. A pump course like this is not taught in the university. This is taught by me through American Seal and Packing Company."

Give us the chance and we'll teach you how to immediately reduce, and ultimately end the maintenance on your pumps. This is really what you want from your seal supplier. You don't need another cheap seal that fails mysteriously after a short run in your pumps.

We can come into your plant and offer the pump courses at hours convenient to your work schedule. From time to time, we'll offer the course at a venue close to you with open registration. You can share and communicate with others in industries similar to yours.

Why do we offer this training? Too many seal houses say they offer "Good Service" when they really ship spare parts by emergency overnight freight that continue to fail for the same mysterious reasons every four months. This is not our definition of Good Service. Our goal is to bring an end to your pump and seal problems. When we do this, you'll come to us for your seals and packings.

Scheduling for Larry's seminars is necessary, and can be arranged through American Seal & Packing.

If you have any questions please contact us at: E-mail about your mechanical seals applications

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