Mechanical Seals


Single Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Single Cartridge Mechanical Seal

Cartridge Seals



lMechanical Cartridge Seals are pre-assembled package of seal components making installation much easier with fewer points for potential installation errors to occur.
lThe assembly is “pre-set” so that no installed length calculations must be performed for determining where to set the Cartridge seal. This pre-set is achieved by the use of “set tabs” that are removed once the cartridge seal is installed and the pump assembled.

Cartridge Seals

Multi-Spring Single Cartridge "SCS" Seal

Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Single Spring Cartridge ASP-1100 Seal

Single Spring Cartridge Seal

Made in USA

Cartridge seals are available in both single and Double configurations.

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Cartridge Seals




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