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lSome types of machinery are cumbersome to maintain. Large shafts, heavy components, and immovable drivers are some of these concerns.
lOften, a typical mechanical seal is impractical to use by the nature of itís installation requirements. lIn these cases it is frequently beneficial to use a Split Seal.

Why Split Seals ?

In a Split Seal, all components are literally cut or split in half and they are assembled onto the equipment without removal or disassembly of the major equipment components.

lObviously, these seals are prone to leak more readily than non-split seals so they are generally applied to processes where some leakage is acceptable. Even with some leakage, they will out perform common packing.
lSplit Seals are often used on mixers, agitators and large volume, large shafted pumps.

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Split Seals


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