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In-line Mechanical Seals:


The term In-line seals simply refers to seals that are mounted to a shaft or sleeve but are mounted independently as individual parts. Unlike Cartridge seals which is a unitized set of rotating, stationary, sleeve and gland components.  In-line seals are mounted to an existing sleeve or shaft.  The stationary the in-line seal runs against is independently  press fit (usually), into a bore and can be purchased separately from the in-line seal.

In-line seals can be any of the following

* Single Spring Mechanical Seals Spring Seals Single Spring SealsSingle Spring SealsSingle Spring Seals
* Multiple Spring Mechanical Seals Multi Spring Sealsmulti spring sealsMuti spring seals
* Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals Metal Bellows SealSingle Spring SealsSingle Spring Seals
* PTFE Bellows Mechanical Seals PTFE Seals
* Wave Spring Mechanical Seals

If it has a method of energizing one face against another (such as a bellows, or spring) and is mounted to the shaft independently of the stationary face it qualifies as an in-line seal.

In-line seals are the least expensive approach to installing mechanical seals into pumps.  They are also the more difficult to install.  It is critical the that during the installation process seal length is carefully calculated to obtain the correct positioning of the seal on the shaft.  Over compression of the seal face will result in premature wear.  insufficient compression will result in leakage.

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