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Elastomers (0-Rings):

Fluorocarbon (Viton or Fluorel) - 75 durometer is preferred. Avoid colored (brown or green) grades; the clay fillers used to replace carbon black are subject to chemical attack. - 15F to +400 F

Ethylene Propylene (EP, EPR, EPDM) - Peroxide cured grades are preferred. -65 F to +300 F

Neoprene - Excellent for sealing refrigeration fluids such as Freon .  -65 F to +250 F

Aflas - Preferred for combinations of oil and amines or ammonia: sour crude oil, sour gas, refrigeration.
-20 F to +400 F (excursions to +600)

Perfluoroelastomer (Kalrez, Chemraz) - Supplied for some chemical and high temperature applications. Kalrez compound 4079 is most common, and offers improved compression set resistance over compound 1050 

When selecting an 0-ring compound, be sure to consider not only the main fluid pumped but also the minor constituents of the pumpage and any fluid used periodically to clean out the system.

The Mechanical Seals Material Selection Guide included here is an excellent source to assist in selecting the proper 0-ring material. The major 0-ring manufacturers also provide good material compatibility tables in their handbooks. 

If the fluid to be sealed is not in the listing, do not guess or pick out a similar name. If neither fluoroelastomer or EP is acceptable, consult a seal expert for a recommendation. Perfluoroelastomer may be the only acceptable material for some fluids.

The information above is taken from the Fluid Sealing Association and Independent Sealing
Distributors guidelines.  Caution must be taken when on any seal application.  All variables including pressure, temperature, tolerances, media etc, must be considered.

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